Baseball Zealot Radio interviews Mark Pankin from Retrosheet

I think all our shows are good but this one is pretty awesome.

Mark Pankin from is our guest and he gives us an inside look at what the website is all about. By the way, if you’re a baseball fan and you haven’t been to Retrosheet, you really should check it out.

It was a very fun interview. Mark talked about the process of compiling boxscores and play-by-play accounts of baseball games. We also hit on some of the strange and unusual (and quite honestly funny) tidbits on the site.

But what I came away from this interview was the philosophy behind the organization and thought that went into it. It was clear that they had the baseball fan in mind when they came up with it.

Thanks to Mark for giving up some time to be on the show and thanks to everyone at Retrosheet for all the work they do.

Thanks also to co-host Chuck for suggesting that we bring someone from Retrosheet onto the show. Great idea!

You can download the show at the Baseball Zealot Radio website or listen via iTunes.


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