BZR chats with Larry Borowski of Viva El Birdos

The Baseball Zealot “think tank” is pretty eclectic. Among our group, our fandom represents a variety of teams. The Cubs, Sox, Pirates, Angels, and Yankees. But bein’s we’re based in downstate Illinois and we don’t have a good St Louis Cardinal rep, I figured we get an expert on Baseball Zealot Radio and give a good rundown on the Cardinals. Larry Borowski of Viva El Birdos readily agreed…

… and did a fantastic job I might add. Larry covers the gamut from last year’s World Series to the Redbirds’ outlook for 2007.

We even talk about the Cubs. Go figger.

Anyway, I’d wish Larry good luck on his blog but I don’t think he needs it. This past week, Viva El Birdos was listed #5 in the Top Ten baseball blogs by Sports Media Challenge. Nice work!

You can download the latest episode from Baseball Zealot Radio’s website.

You can also listen to it via iTunes.

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