BZR Interview with’s Tim Dierkes

I’ve been a fan of Tim Dierkes’ for a couple years.  I thought I’d have Tim on Baseball Zealot Radio to talk about his other site, which has been around for a little over a year now.  The way I hear it, the response to it has been overwhelming.

Anyway, it’s the perfect timing to have someone on who specializes in MLB hot stove action.  We take some time to chat with him and find out a little about him then talk some MLB.

Bonus points for Tim for being a U of I alum.

Enough jabbering… the show notes:


Show Notes for Episode 36:

Hosts: Tom:

Summary: Tim Dierkes is our guest for our first episode of 2008.  Tim has two web sites, and  He talks a bit about his background and his work with both sites.

We then talk about some of the pressing hot stove issues including Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, and Joe Crede.


Time: 21:35

Date Recorded: 1/30/08

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