Hit Tracker: a web site dedicated to the Home Run

Hit Tracker

A screen cap from Hit Tracker

When I’m cruising the web, I’m always on the lookout for unique sites, that is, sites that show me something I can’t get anywhere else. 

Hit Tracker definitely fits that bill.  I haven’t seen anything like it.  It is essentially a database of all homeruns hit this year.  I’m impressed to the extent that they are filtered and sorted.  On this site, you can see homeruns:

  • sorted by distance
  • sorted by speed off the bat
  • sorted by “No Doubts” (ball cleared the fence by at least 20 vertical feet AND landed at least 50 feet past the fence)
  • sorted by “Lucky Homer” (A home run that would not have cleared the fence if it has been struck on a 70-degree, calm day)
  • sorted by “Just Enough” (ball cleared the fence by less than 10 vertical feet)

and a host of other interesting stats. 

The database is interactive… you can click away to your heart’s content.  One added bonus, each homerun in the database has link to MLB’s video of the blast. 

I’m probably not doing it justice, so head on over to Hit Tracker and take a look for yourself.

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