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First, thanks to Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog for reminding me to update everyone on the Michigan-Mets game.  It looks like Michigan gave the big boys a run for the money.  The game ended in a 4-4 tie complete with a David Wright homer.  The Wolverines were out away from a 4-2 victory until Michael Abreu hit a two-run homer.

And something you don’t see every day, the game was umpired by a crew of four women.  One of the umpires was named, appropriately enough, Theresa Fairlady. 

Also, it’s a long time coming but I’ve added three blogs to the blogroll.  These three blogs are all websites that cover Big Ten baseball teams.  The Buckeye Nine is covering the Ohio State team and already has good contact with the team.  Read their Q&A of Buckeye pitcher Dan DeLucia

Happy Valley Hardball is a new blog covering Penn State baseball.  Happy Valley is working overtime spitting out stats, RPI figures, you name it not just for Penn State for other Big Ten teams as a whole, too. 

Finally, The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game is a multi-sport blog but they do cover a lot of Minnesota Gopher baseball.  They’re not new (they’ve been around for years) but they’re new to me. 

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  1. BACK UP!!

    The link I sent you was about Wagner being mad about a bunt attempt on him.

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