Top 100 Cubs coming to a close at Bleed Cubbie Blue

I’ve been keeping an eye on Bleed Cubbie Blue lately. To keep away the winter blues, Al Yellon has been counting down the top 100 all-time Cubs during the off-season.

Thursday was #18. Greg Maddux. It’s really worth a look with a great summary of his career plus three interesting pictures of him. The first two are unique because they appeared back-to-back on his rookie card. While both showed him in action on the field, neither showed him pitching,

The other photo, well, you will have to see for yourself.

Today’s? #16 Mark Grace.

Off of the top of your head, can you think of fifteen better Cubs than Grace and Maddux? I’m sure I could if given the time. You’ll find the archive here (with a list to-date along the left side). By the way, Ed Reulbach was #17.

Thanks to Al for doing this. It’s been fun going back in Cubs history.

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