Yankees leftfielders not always big on the stats…

…at least batting averages, that is.  Johnny Damon may be changing that, though.

Steve L from Baseball Reference’s Stat of the Day blog points out an interesting stat about the New York Yankees.  He says leftfielder Damon who is currently hitting .326 may be on his way to a unusual season from a Yankee perspective. 

When was the last time a Yankee leftfielder played in 100 plus games and hit more than .320?  Steve did the math and you would have to go back fifteen years to 1993 when Dion James did it.  James hit .332 in 115 games. 

Ok, that’s believable but before James, you would have to go all the way back to 1927 when Bob Meusel hit .337 in 137 games. 

An unusual occurrence indeed.

Happy birthday to the Stat of the Day blog, by the way, which celebrated its first birthday one week ago.  The SOTD blog, hosted by Baseball Reference is a fun diversion for me where folks research statistical oddities, ironies, and other interesting fun facts.  Check them out.

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