Does Bud Selig deserve his raise?

So Bud Selig has gotten his extension and raise and a lot of detractors out there are already questioning the decision.  I’m not really a Selig fan but let’s face it, from a business standpoint, it’s not surprising that he was given his contract extension and salary boost. 

Yes, there are some high profile problems (steroids) and bonehead decisions (2002 All-Star Game) that remain a sore point with the fans.  But when it comes to the important matters (money), at least when it comes to the owners and the business of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig is turning the trick. 

Do you all remember when baseball was in its doldrums?  Before Cal Ripken’s streak?  Before McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s home run race?  Even before that when NBA was king of sports?  Not any longer.  Baseball is now breaking attendance and revenue records. 

Not only that, Major League Baseball has made strides in the online realm with one of the best pro sports web presence.  Now I’m sure Selig didn’t have a whole lot to do with the day-to-day operations of MLB Advanced Media but it certainly happened under his watch.

Finally and this may be a stretch but can Selig take a little credit for some semblance of parity in the MLB?  Is it possible that in the past few years, we’ve teams in smaller markets establish some success?  Or is that just coincidence? 

The point of all this is that MLB is a business and as of now, business is booming.  Selig probably deserves what’s coming to him.  The big question is how he’ll handle 2009 and what the economic downturn will deal the baseball industry. 

Selig’s new contract takes him into 2012 when he’s said that he will retire.  Selig haters, don’t hold your breath.  He’s said this before. 

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