Garvey interested in the Dodgers?

Steve Garvey, former squeaky clean (then not so squeaky clean) LA Dodger firstbaseman, is part of an investment group who is looking into acquiring his former team. 

But Frank McCourt, who is still vying for sole ownership, claims:

"There are some great treasures out there that people would love to buy, the Dodgers among them," McCourt spokesman Steve Sugerman said. "But, like the Mona Lisa and the Pacific Ocean, the Dodgers aren’t for sale."

It seems to be a situation that the more one denies the inevitable, the more it may come true.  But will it be Garvey and Co who will end up with the goods?  None other than Mark Cuban has expressed interest in the Dodgers, as well. 

No financial details have been made public. 

Currently, Garvey is serving as member of the board of directors of the Baseball Assistance Team and consults for the Dodgers.

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