MLB needs a lesson in PR

Cape Cod Baseball League is volunteer-staffed and has a annual budget of less than $2 million.  So you can bet that the yearly grant of $100,000 from Major League Baseball is pretty critical. 

Now that grant is in trouble because of licensing issues imposed by MLB.  The big leagues are requiring that all teams that share a team name with a MLB team purchase uniforms and souvenirs from MLB-licensed vendors (read: more expensive) or lose that grant.  MLB is also requesting an 11 percent royalty on all sales from affected teams.  

Currently, the CCBL purchases its uniforms and merchandise from local sources. 

This is just one more money grab by MLB.  It seems they are inventing newer and more creative ways to make a buck and alienating every fan base along the way.  Between cracking down on fantasy leagues and online reporting, the whole DirectTV mess a while back, plus the subtle increase of marketing of baseball, it seems everything MLB does is to bring in an extra buck. 

Call me a rebel.  I think the offices of Major League Baseball is to become the stewards of the game of baseball that we love.  But it’s gotten way out of hand and the reason and purpose of the game has been lost.  And the Cape Cod Baseball League is a prime example. 

Fortunately, the CCBL says they will not “roll over” or be “strong-armed” by MLB. 

Look out Little Leagues… MLB is coming for you. 

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