MLB signs with IntelSat for International baseball access for ’09

MLB International signed a deal with a major provider of satellite services to provide streaming access to MLB games for next season.  MLBI signed the contract with IntelSat, Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. 

This comes at the heels of a deal between MLB Advanced Media and ESPN which will provide live streaming of games to fans also for next year.  The ESPN deal did not extend to some international realms.  The deal with IntelSat seems to answer that need.

"Major League Baseball enjoys an avid fan base around the world, and we are continually seeking ways to increase the profile of the franchise. As we continue to increase our distribution, we chose Intelsat because it offered us a seamless, one-platform solution for our international broadcasting needs," said Russell Gabay, Vice President and Executive Producer, International Broadcasting. "The Intelsat satellites provide coverage and access to video neighborhoods that help us expand distribution of our programs."

As I’ve said before, time will tell how this all will play out for the average fan.  This won’t be free and given MLB’s actions in the past, it won’t be cheap either.

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