A Case for Blyleven

With the voting for the Hall of Fame class of ’06 coming up, Bob Klapisch from Baseball Analysts makes a good case for Bert Blyleven. 

My favorite quote from the article that sums it all up:

Finally, it dawned on me: Blyleven was a Hall of Famer not just because of his 3701 strikeouts or 287 wins or a 2.47 ERA in the post-season. It was the uniqueness of his best weapon, the curveball, that set him apart.

I don’t need convincing.  I’ve been a Blyleven believer since he retired.  He’s got the stats.  He’s got the post-season heroics (Ok, maybe heroics isn’t the right word.  But he performed well.)

An interesting web site is bertbelongs.com.    Somebody out there is pushing for Bert.


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