A retro look: Making a lot out of nothing

Take a look at this 1999 box score between the White Sox and the Devil Rays and tell me if you see anything odd.




Give up?

Look at Frank Thomas’ line: 

2 runs scored, 2 rbis, and 0 at-bats.

He’s the only player in the last 55 years to score at least 2 runs AND drive in at least 2 runs without registering an at bat in one game.  He did so on the basis of three walks and a sacrifice fly. 

With the score 10-0, Jerry Manuel pinch hit for him with Brian Simmons (who?) in the 8th inning. James Baldwin got the win for those scoring at home. 

Incidentally, 1999 was the year the White Sox placed second in the Central Division based on their whopping 75-86 record. 

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