Happy MLK Day.  My son’s homework over the weekend was to find out one thing about Martin Luther King Jr that he didn’t already know.  Wikipedia to the rescue.  It’s an exercise everyone should do.

A poll in C-U News-Gazette asks us in today’s Sports section (the paper, can’t find the poll on the web):

Who do you blame for the Bears’ loss on Sunday?

Ok, I know in today’s society, it is perfectly acceptable to ask this kind of question.  But what gives us, the readership of the News Gazette to bring down judgment on anyone?  Can’t anyone just be satisfied that Carolina was a better team than the Bears at least on that particular Sunday?  Polls like these always rub me the wrong way.  “Who do you blame?” is so simplistic and offers no analytical thought.

I’m tempted to respond to the poll and answer:

The Media

… just to cheese them off.

Today is the 29th anniversary of Baby Doll Jacobson’s death.  See previous post about BDJ for relevance.

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