Sutter inducted into Hall today

Bruce Sutter’s plaque will now hang in the hall of immortals.

Today is not the time to discuss, deliberate, or debate. Today is his day

My memories of Sutter were when he was a Cub. F’instance, his phenomenal year in 1977 when he had a 1.34 ERA and 31 saves. Of course back then 31 saves meant something; good enough for second in the league. Also, he had 129 strikeouts in 107 1/3 innings.

Sutter in 1979

Then there was 1979. With his league-leading 37 saves and 110 Ks in 101 innings, and a 2.22 ERA, he was not only awarded the Rolaids Relief Award (one of four he would receive) but the Cy Young as well.

A bit of trivia about Sutter; he allowed 2 homeruns to Mike Schmidt in the memorable 23-22 Phillies-Cubs game in 1979. The second one was the game-winner. Fortunately, he usually had better days than this.

The image of Sutter on the plaque is wearing a Cardinals cap. I knew that was coming but I still feel a bit disappointed when I see it. If you see Sutter’s stats, you can see that he had the bulk of his dominating years with the Cubs not to mention it was the team he broke in the majors with. But I’m willing to let it go.

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