Wait ‘Till Next Year: A Cub Fan’s Burden

Teddy Ballgame sent me a copy of Wait ‘Till Next Year which is billed as “The saga of the Chicago Cubs”. I put off watching it simply because I simply didn’t have the time. Well, I found the time tonight.

Thanks a lot, Teddy. Why don’t you just come in my house and beat me senseless with a thunderstick? This film relives in quite vivid detail the failures of the Cubs organization.

Seriously, I did enjoy the video though it brought back bittersweet memories (and I’m not even old enough to remember the ’69 season). The video had some good footage, and decent interviews both with baseball people as well with regular ol’ joes.

But I’m looking forward to the 2007 video. The one where they’re the World Champions

thanks Teddy..

One Response to “Wait ‘Till Next Year: A Cub Fan’s Burden”

  1. TeddyB wouldn’t beat you senseless with a thunderstick. However, another regular poster might turn a monkey loose in your house with one of the aforesaid ‘sticks. :-)

    Teddy would merely park outside your house and blast “Thunderstruck” at full volume.

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