Baseball Prospectus does Podcasting… Yesss!

I’ve been getting into Podcasting lately and now I’ve found out that Baseball Prospectus offers free weekly podcasts.  Hosted by Will Carroll, this sure beats the crap you hear on talk radio.  The BP book has always been a source of infinite wisdom come draft and trade time in our APBA league.  Their show has to be of similar quality.

I wasn’t disappointed.  I downloaded the 11/19 edition and listened all the way through.  This week’s version was a “Best of 2005” show but it still was very much worth a listen especially since was my first time.  A summary of what was on from their website:

 November 19: This week it’s the best of Baseball Prospectus Radio from 2005. Will and Brad had some great guests this season and some of the best are back for this week’s show. Steroids have ruled baseball for the last year, and BPR had it covered like no one else. Former major league pitcher Tom House made headlines last summer when he discussed his experimentation with steroids. Listen to what he had to say about it on BPR. Jim Bouton and Jim Lampley also discussed steroids as well as amphetamines in the game. Not many guests get a chance to join Will and Brad in studio, but that’s exactly what Ray Knight did this summer. The former manager and ’86 World Series MVP talks about the state of baseball and how we evaluate players today. The Atlanta Braves made it 14 straight division titles this season. Jonah Keri filled in on BPR this year and talked with Braves GM John Schuerholz about winning despite injuries and how the Braves continue to develop young talent. And finally, Will and Brad caught up with Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Zach Duke before he exploded on the major league scene. It’s an interview you won’t want to miss with one of baseball’s brightest young stars. It’s been a year in the making – it’s the best of Baseball Prospectus Radio 2005!

Very interesting… Jim Bouton was very enjoyable to listen to, of course and had some insightful comments on the steriod situation that the upper brass might do well to hear.  Schuerholz did his best to make it interesting without giving away the company secrets.

Give it a listen.  You can easily download the mp3s from their website.  Here is the direct link to the latest show.

By the way, if you want a utility that will automatically download the latest podcasts from any sites you’ve subscribe to, I’ve begun using iPodder and am pretty pleased with it.  The cost is free.

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