Bonds Press Conference Audio: “This record is not tainted.”

You can listen to the Bonds press conference at

It was very cordial on everyone’s part.  The only contentious part was when someone asked Bonds if he felt if the homerun was tainted.

You can just see Bonds tense up.  “This record is not tainted…  at all…  at all.  Period.  You guys can say what you want”. 

And they will.  Twenty minutes after the homerun was hit, ESPN had the author of Game of Shadows on.  I didn’t see the interview but I can imagine how it went.  I’m not becoming a Bonds apologist but there’s a time and a place.

On a side note, here are the people he considered heroes or looked up to growing up:  Muhammed Ali, Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and of course, Willie Mays. 

The More You Know.

By the way, keep listening to the audio clip… there’s an interview with Mike Bacsik, the pitcher who gave up #756. 


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