BZR Show #9- Interview with University of Illinois Head Coach Dan Hartleb

Coach Dan Hartleb from the University of Illinois baseball team is our guest this week on Baseball Zealot Radio.

A word about Coach Hartleb… usually when I interview someone “important”, I get a little nervous. One sentence from Coach Hartleb and he put me at ease. He seems like such an easy-going fella. I wonder if that extends to his coaching.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the Illini or college baseball should listen to this podcast episode. He gives a good rundown of the team and its future.

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Here is Coach Dan Hartleb’s bio on Fighting Illini’s website.

Also, if this show interests you, Baseball Zealot Radio’s interview with Illini shortstop Shawn Roof is a must-listen. Roof was also easy (and fun) to interview. You’ll find Roof’s interview half-way through our fifth show. Somewhere in there co-host Todd asks him if he ever plays NCAA Baseball (the video game). The response is hilarious.

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