Podcast Review: MLB.com Fantasy 411

When I first began listening to MLB.com Fantasy 411, I was a bit skeptical.  Coming from MLB, I suspected something over-polished, toeing the company line. 

You see, that’s what I like about listening to baseball podcasts.  I get the sense that, for the most part, the hosts are baseball fans foremost.  Unlike many of the TV or radio sports personalities who seem to be either entertainers or former athletes.  As a result, ‘casters tend to put out a more intelligent show with better, more in-depth analysis.

 Well, my skepticism is not warranted.  It’s almost as if MLB went out, found two guys who are really into fantasy baseball and hired them to do a show.  Who knows?  Maybe that’s what they did.

Hosts Cory Scharwtz and Mike Siano are involved in fantasy baseball leagues and readily talk about their experiences.  More importantly, they take calls an emails (mostly asking about trade advice). They always do a quick summary of the majors and end their show with “Pitch or Ditch”, a rundown of the pitching probables of the next day.

As the name implies, their focus is fantasy baseball so if that is not your thing, the show may not appeal to you.  If it is though, you’ll get some useful info. 

Here is their rss feed.

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