Yes, BZR is still going… we just put out another show

It’s been about month since we put out a show. Between everyone’s busy schedules and me going to the Big Ten Tournament, it’s been hard to put one together. But here it is.

There are a lot reasons I like having Todd V on Baseball Zealot Radio. Aside from his extensive baseball knowledge (both historical and current), he has a voice made for broadcasting. Not only that, his umpire experience adds a different perspective to the show.

That perspective was very evident in this show. During our discussion of pitchers in the First Player Draft, Todd spoke from experience of the young kids who he has seen over-pitched.

It was also good to get Todd’s input on the whole Piniella matter.

By the way, apologies on how I sound on this show (kinda like broadcasting from a tin can from 100 feet away). It was due to technical difficulties. I thought about scrapping the show but the content (especially Todd’s) was good enough to keep. Bear with my voice during show… it’s worth it.

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