Inquiry on College Steals Record

With the subject line “College Records”, Justin writes:

Who holds the record for most stolen bases in a season and how many?

I’ve been having this argument with a colleague and we need an answer.

I honestly didn’t know the answer though I did know that Shawn Roof now holds the record for single season steals in the Big Ten.  For all of NCAA, I turned to Brian Foley of The College Baseball Blog.

Brian came through with the answer in short time:

I would think Boomer Whiting would hold the record as he had a ton this season but that is not true. The person who holds the single season record is Dan Guillot from Texas-Pan American in 1987 with 107 in 60 games and the record for a career is held by Phil Stephenson from Wichita State with 206.


Thanks for writing, Justin and thanks for the timely answer, Brian!

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