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I’ve enabled Gravatars, a form of avatars, on the site.  They’ll show up next to any of your comments.  If you don’t have one already, you can upload one at Gravatars website for free.  Until you do, I’ve provided a picture of a baseball that looks a whole lot better than the default ones they provide you.

We’ll give it a try for a while… if there’s no interest.  We’ll scrap it.  Meanwhile, you get to see my ugly mug next to each of my comments.


Teddy Ballgame has been talking up Erick Robertson’s online fantasy baseball game, Simyard for a while so I got my butt over there and signed up.  The basic deal is free and more advanced stuff costs a bit more.  I haven’t played any but I was able to look around and it does look interesting.  Maybe if Teddy and CLuke sign up we can a Zealot league going. 

College Baseball Blog Interview

With the college baseball postseason in full swing, Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog is making the rounds with interviews.   He was interviewed by The World Ford Sports Show recently.

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