Add Fear Strikes Out to my favorite list

I ran across this recently…   Ten Baseball Movies That Belong in the Hall of Fame from VideoHound. 

Most of the usual suspects are there and I don’t disagree with almost all of them on the list.


A movie I’d have to add to the list is a classic from 1957, Fear Strikes Out based on the autobiography of Jimmy Piersall.  Anthony Perkins in his pre-Norman Bates days, plays the lead role and Karl Malden plays his father. 

The story of Fear Strikes Out deals with Piersall’s battle with both his mental illness and his overbearing father as he came up into the major league system. 

Apparently, Jimmy Piersall wasn’t pleased with the final product of the movie and didn’t give it his seal of approval mostly due to some stretching of the truth in the screenplay. 

That said, it’s a moving film and one of my favorites. 

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