Ron Santo re-ups with WGN

cubs conv sat 053 I’ll admit it.  Ron Santo isn’t my favorite broadcaster to listen to.  But like Harry Caray in his later years, I can forgive that.  For all I can tell, Ron Santo is probably as genuine as you’re going to get in a business full of cynicism and insincerity. 

Which is why I’m happy he signed a three-year extension with WGN Radio to do the color commentary with Pat Hughes (thanks, Pat).

Like Harry, no one seems to love the game or the Cubs more (and dare I say it, the enthusiasm doesn’t appear to be an act like so many in the broadcasting biz):

"I love what I do, and it keeps me alive, as far as I’m concerned," Santo said from his Arizona home. "When I go in [to negotiate], I could say I’m looking for a two-year [deal] and they’ll say, ‘Why don’t you take a three-year contract?’"

I’m normally not so sentimental in such matters but in Santo’s case, I’ll make an exception.  He deserves more (*cough* Hall of Fame *cough*) but I’m happy for the news.

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  1. I love Ronnie.

    Remember when Ronnie’s toupee caught fire @ Shea Stadium? A fan was shorting out. Before the problem was solved, a spark flew into his toupee and lit it on fire. Increased Ronnie’s hatred of New York and the Mets.

    Shea is gone, but Pat & Ronnie still reference the incident when the Cubs go to New York.

    Remember when Joe Piscopol was in the booth @ Wrigley imitating Frank Sinatra? Joe sang “New York, New York” and Ronnie left. He returned an inning later saying, “Is HE gone?” When told, “Yes,” Ronnie said, “Good. He was getting on my nerves.”

  2. Santo’s quote about Shea’s destruction:

    ‘I would come personally back here to blow it up,’ Santo said. ‘I’d pay my own way. Maybe even just to watch it.’”

    I love broadcasters who speak their mind. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. We need more of them.

    Oh, never been a Joe Piscopo fan either.

  3. Ron Santo is a national treasure, a little predictable in his commentary but a lot unpredictable! He should get a lifetime-as-long-as you- want -to-hang-around contract…and a HOF ring for lifetime achievement or something.

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