I’m watching the 2008 NCAA Baseball World Series in part because of Gordon Beckham. The White Sox drafted the University of Georgia SS Beckham with the 8th pick in the draft. Although he hasn’t yet signed with Chicago, not until after the College World Series is over, I still consider Gordon a member of my Southside club. Can’t wait till he’s playing SS at the Cell.

Even if there wasn’t a future White Sox star playing I’d probably be tuned in, my dream is to one day go to Nebraska, and watch the World Series in person. This one would have been a good one to be at. Kind of a weird twist to an old dream, Chicago boy goes to Nebraska, to make dream come true. Anyway I’m a baseball geek, what can I say?

So I’m up in Waupaca and turned the game on TV in the living room at our cottage. The Fresno State Bulldogs (I can’t believe they made it to the finals) jump out to a 6-3 lead in game one of the best two out of three series. It’s already the 7th inning, things aren’t looking good for the Dawgs, as the wounded Fresno State players are coming up with some big blasts. Anyway a bloop & a blast later in the 8th inning, and it’s 6-5.

Following the bloop hit, Beckham greeted Fresno State closer Brandon Burke with the blast. Maybe if Burke had been brought in before the bloop, things might’ve been different, but MO was on Georgia’s side now. Before the dust had settled the Bulldawgs from Georgia were leading 7-6, Joshua Fields closed out the 9th, and the series stands at 1-0 the University of Georgia.

But don’t count Fresno State out, they are fighters, who will not give up. They have left many good ballclubs along the side of the road on their way to this Championship Series.

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