The mercy rule… Kentucky-style

On April 1, the Kentucky State baseball team probably wishes it hadn’t gotten out of bed. 

According to AP, they allowed 22 runs to Eastern Kentucky, in the first inning.  After the first five innings, the score was an incredible 49-1.  At that point, the game was cancelled and so was the second game of the doubleheader. 

Don’t blame EKU Coach Jason Stein.  He did right by putting in second-string players after the first inning.  But the runs kept coming.

Since the game was cancelled, you won’t find an official boxscore out there.  However, Jayson Langfels of EKU went 7 for 8 with 2 homers and 11 rbis.  It was also reported that Kentucky State committed 9 errors which in their coach’s eyes, “was generous”.

It’s quite a story.  I’ve certainly heard of the mercy rule being invoked before.  But I’ve never heard of it affecting future games (in this case, cancelling the second game of the doubleheader). 

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