At the last minute I decided to go to the Bleachers Tuesday to see the New Look Swagger Cubs, under Uncle Lou. I had a ticket for Wednesday’s game, but when the weather looked halfway good for Tuesday (at least there wasn’t snow), I hopped on the bus and ventured southeast to Wrigleyville. Luckily my seat was in the Bleachers, cuz the rest of the ballpark looked kinda cold. In fact one hour before game time about the only fans in the park were in the Bleachers. I sat back, relaxed, fell asleep, but luckily a fan behind me woke me in time for the Star Spangled Banner.

I’d almost forgotten how dumb the Bleacher Dumbs are. But was reminded once the Houston Astros took the field. LF SUCKS, RF SUCKS, CHRIS BURKE SUCKS, LUKE SCOTT SUCKS, THE WHITE SOX SUCK!!! Then in the 9th inning a female Houston Astro fan who made the unforgivable sin of wearing her team’s jersey to the Bleachers had to be escorted from the Friendly(?) Confines, all the while having debry & beer thrown at her and told SHE SUCKED!

Getting back to the game… There are three ways a player can commit an error; 1) on a throw, 2) fielding a ball, or 3) on a catch. Cesar Izturis made all three types of errors in this one game. Izturis is one of the players in the Cubs lineup in their for his glove, the other being Derrek Lee, but he’s a pretty good hitter as well. The Tribune spent alot of money on the new-look Cubbies, but they have alot of the same old problems as the old-look Cubbies. One of those problems is defense, on this day it was Izturis, but on most days it will be the outfield. The Tribune has put together on of the worst fielding outfields ever! Alfonso Soriano was barely adequate in LF last year for the Nats, after stinking it up for years at secondbase, now he’s the Cubs centerfielder, the captain of the outfield. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but this captain is lost at sea. Then there are Matt Murton & Cliff Floyd in left. Murton doesn’t have an arm and has Ron Cey’s range, only Matt plays the outfield. Floyd is one of the worst outfielders in the game today, can’t think of any worse at the moment, and that includes Carlos Lee. As far as Jacque Jones is concerned, I don’t know why cutoff men even bother setting up for his throws, as he never hits them. I know Sammy Sosa never did either, but Sammy could flat out mash! Then there’s Mark DeRosa at secondbase, he’s only played 114 games at second in the majors in his life before this season. Last year he played RF for the Texas Rangers.

I’m having a tough time focusing on the game, maybe it’s all the SUCKS rolling around in my head. Almost glad it’s raining/snowing outside and today’s game has been called off. Luke Scott knocked in three runs on the day, starting with a two run first inning double. Chris Sampson, making his first start of the year for the Stros, shutdown the Cubs on three hits over five innings, then handed the game over to Rick White, Chad Qualls, and newly annointed closer Dan Wheeler. “Newly Annointed” almost gave the game to Chicago by allowing four hits & two runs in the 9th, to close the gap to 4-2. Brad Lidge had better get his act together quickly!

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  1. Teddy, your comfortable seat at the Cell next to Nancy maybe has insulated you from the Sox fans.

    The second to last time I went to to a Sox game, (the last time was with you and I had a great time), I sat in the RF bleachers where a fight broke out and a guy hung over the railing heckling Bobby Higginson THE WHOLE GAME using words a whole lot worse than “sucks” (as a matter of fact, here’s a picture of him in this post:

    My point? There are jerks and a-holes in every park. It makes me feel bad that there are Cub fans that act that way but I am sure that there are just as many Sox fans.

    oh and neener, neener :)

  2. Now hang on just a minute Teddy boy, the last time we went to a Cubs game we sat in the bleachers, it was about 90 with all the fine looking babes, we had a water bottle, spritzing everyone ( wet T – shirts ) abounded galore, I didn’t hear no complaints.
    Gimme Wrigley anyday over the Cell.

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