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BZR turns the big 3-0 (episodes) this week.  I remember a poster that my cousin had up on his wall back in his rebellious days that said “Never trust anyone over 30!”  Of course now he works for a defense firm so take that for what you will.

This week’s show features two Cub fans as guest hosts.  I must say that provides for a different atmosphere when discussing my beloved Cubs.

We had fun doing the show and I hope you enjoy listening to it.  As I say in the show notes, I think I’ll have them back again.

Without further ado, here are the show notes:

Show Notes for Episode 30:

Hosts: Tom, Alex, Tyler

Summary: It’s crunch time for the Cubs so I bring on Cub fans Alex Breen and Tyler Davis as guest hosts.

We discuss the Cubs’ improved pitching staff, Lou Piniella’s shaving habits, and decide who we would choose for this year’s Cub MVP.

We had so much fun, BZR might invite those two back again.


Here is the info you need if you’re interested in getting tix for the NLDS.

Thanks for listening!!

Time: 31:21

Date Recorded: 9/20/07

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