Bradley being Mr Nice Guy

Not only did Milton Bradley show up to camp two days early (something I always like to see) but he had some good things to say about us Cub fans:

He called the Cubs Convention a “nice fest,” and added: “It helps the transition for me when you’re dealing with people that are nice and appreciative and always in your corner. It hasn’t always been that way for me.”

Is this a turn for the mean ol’ Milton Bradley?  He went on about why he was so happy joining the Chicago Cubs:

“It’s the Cubs,” he said. “Who wouldn’t want to play for the Cubs? Wrigley Field, already have a great team in place. … I’ll come in and just try to add something to that mix.

Who IS this guy?  Give me the old MB back.  I want the Milton Bradley with an edge to him.  The aggressive one.  The MEAN one.  Ok, maybe take that last one back.  Maybe.

I’m sure the Milton Bradley we all know and love will return.  Give him time.

By the way, it wasn’t so much that I was against the Cubs getting Milton Bradley this off-season but that I felt the media was portraying Bradley as this savior that was going to lead our Cubbies to the promised land ala the World Series.  There’s no doubt Bradley is talented but there’s no excuse for exaggerating reality. 

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  1. Bobby Abreu would’ve been a much better signing! Also they should’ve kept Mark DeRosa, IMHO. Can’t wait to see how Bradley handles it when he misplays balls in RF, and the Bleacher Bums get on him.

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