Braves drop out of Peavy race… that means the Cubs get him, right?

It seem that every team has backed out of the Jake Peavy hunt save the Braves and the Cubs. 

Now word comes out that Atlanta has gone as high as they can/will:

“We felt that we offered a strong package of players, and if we couldn’t get a deal done with the players offered we would move on to pursue other players,” the Braves general manager said Friday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

That means we get ‘im, right?

Not so fast.

Apparently, the Cubs original offer doesn’t wow Pads GM Kevin Towers.  IF Peavy gets traded, the Cubs are still in the mix but right now, Ryan Dempster is probably a higher priority. 

Seeing that there’s no deadline set on any potential deal, this might be something that gets put on the backburner. 

According to Paul Sullivan from the Tribune, the Cubs are probably good for just one “big-ticket item” this off-season.   Ok, I’m not a GM but if I were Hendry, I’d sign Dempster for what he’s worth and spend that big-ticket money on a leadoff hitter.  Preferably one that hits from the left side.

Breaking up is hard to do

Speaking of Hendry and such, it sounds like Kerry Wood never really wanted to leave the Cubs after all.  At least, that’s the press’ take on what Wood had to say:

“It’s bittersweet. Obviously this is my first choice. I wanted to stay here and the best choice for me and my family. … But that’s part of baseball right now,” Wood said in a conference call Friday.

These just may be polite words, there may be an element of truth to it, or quite possibly, he really means it.

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