Corey Returning?? Cub Hordes Reel

In Thursday’s Chicago Tribune, GM Jim Hendry hinted that with the acquisition of Juan Pierre, Corey Patterson may just be next year’s Cub right fielder.

After Pierre’s introductory news conference Wednesday at Wrigley Field, general manager Jim Hendry disclosed he would offer Patterson arbitration next week and might give him the right-field job in 2006.

Hmm.  After a season of slicing and dicing Patterson, The Cub fans will have no problem with that, I’m sure

Let’s think long term here.  I was on the anti-Corey bandwagon myself for a while but he may not be a lost cause.  In 2004, he batted a respectable .266 (.320 OBP) with 24 homers.  The year before, .298 (.329 OBP, .511 slg).  Maybe let’s not give up on Corey just yet. 

Do the Cubs give up their search for a rightfielder?  Well no but the field is getting smaller and smaller with the obvious choices getting snatched up (Milton Bradley just got traded to the A’s).  Hendry may just be hedging his bets. 

At this point, that might be the smartest move.


3 Responses to “Corey Returning?? Cub Hordes Reel”

  1. Jacque Jones = Good Pickup.

  2. Jacque Jones > Corey Patterson :)

  3. Jacque Jones = Felipe Alou.

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