Cub Untradables

I was chatting away with Mr Coworker today about the Cubs’ future especially in light of the coming trade deadline. He asked me if I had to choose three Cubs who were untouchable, who would they be? Who did I think was so important to the Cubs organization that they should be considered part of a rebuilding phase?

Apparently, he and the other Cub fan on the floor came up with the same three names.

Hmm… well Lee, right? And Zambrano, too. Those two were easy.

I told him I couldn’t think of anyone else.

His answer? Michael Barrett.

And you know what? I think he’s right.

Yes, his stats look good this year but it’s more than that.

The guy plays hard, he’s only 30 years old, is a team leader and calls a decent game.

Of course there’s this, too:

I jest, of course.

The Beachwood Reporter, however feels differently.

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