Cubs at a low point but hey, the Pirates are comin’ to town

I’ll go on record here.  If, god forbid, the Cubs don’t win the NL Central in 2009, the 2010 review mags and books will point to their series with the Philadelphia Phillies in mid-August and call it one of turning points of the season.  A “lowlight” if you will. 

And there would many reasons to do so.

The Cubs extended their losing streak to five games after getting swept by the Phils.  When they lost 4-3 in a heartbreaking 12-inning affair in which Rich Harden was perfect into the sixth and the Cubs outhit the Phils 10 to 3.  And when they were out-slugged 12-5 on Jeff Samardzija’s first career start. 

And today, when Ryan Dempster saw his August ERA go sky high (Kudos to Jeff Baker, though who went 2 for 2 and has 11 hits in his last 5 games).  Today’s rout of 6-1 puts the Cubs at 4.5 back in the NL Central.

No timing, no patience, no luck, and no clutch.

Oh as if the players weren’t having a tough enough time, who invited this fan into the park??

God, this kind of stuff puts me in a bad mood.  There’s nothing anyone can say  (including “I was drunk”) that excuses this.kind of behavior.  If you can’t treat people with decency, then stay home.  Chicago, the Cubs, and baseball doesn’t need need to make the news for this kind of crap.

But all will be fine again.  Word has it Ted Lilly is ready to come back on Monday after his surgery.  He threw five scoreless innings in Peoria A ball. 

And this weekend, the Pirates are coming to town.  This year, they’ve gone 4-2 against them.  The last three years?  Same ratio… 26-13. 

So say it loud, Cub fans, The Pirates are comin’ to town and all will be fine again! 


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  1. The Pirates look to be the cure for anyone’s ills right about now. They are 3-15 since July 24. It looks like the remaining Pirates have given up after seeing all of their teammates traded. I can see their consecutive losing season streak stretching to 19 or 20 before they turn things around. They suck.

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