Cubs’ bragging rights… such as they are

Yes, the Cardinals are the division leaders.  Yes, they are going to the playoffs.  But the Cubs can hold one thing over their rivals’ heads.  After the Cubs’ 7-4 win today, they have a 10-6 season series record over the Cards.  It’s not much but when you’re a Cub fan, you take what you can get.

Chris “Cy Young Candidate” Carpenter was in for only four innings today.  Four very ineffective innings.  Four innings, four hits, four runs, four earned runs.  I see a pattern here. 

And what was up with Chris’ little spat with Dusty?  Neither the broadcasters or the media knew what exactly what was going on with the “discussion” between the two of them.  Or maybe they’re not tellin’.

Near as I could tell, Dusty was trying to get under Carpenter’s skin and it finally got to him. 

One Response to “Cubs’ bragging rights… such as they are”

  1. I’ll be rooting for the Cardinals right along with you. But it does concern me that the Cubs were able to somewhat dominate them this year. It really concerns me that Carpenter has had two poor showings lately. Not a good sign for the playoffs.

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