Cubs Christmas


Christmas came early for The Baseball Zealot. I got my Cubs Convention tickets in the mail.

Of course, I didn’t get them through the normal channels. Try as I might, the tickets sold out in 12 minutes the day they went on sale. No, I bought these on Ebay. Luckily, I didn’t pay too much over retail price.

Didn’t they have a good photo of Piniella with a Cubs hat on yet? Then why cut him off at the forehead hiding the team logo? That’s my theory.

Update: I’ve been asked who exactly will be at the Cubs Convention this year. According to Cubs beat reporter Carrie Muskat, they won’t announce that till the Sunday before the convention.



3 Responses to “Cubs Christmas”

  1. Can’t wait for the convention!!! Received an ’84 Sandberg jersey for Christmas, so I’m hoping that the new Peoria Chiefs (A)manager will be there to autograph it!

    Thanks TBZ!

  2. Awesome about the jersey.

    only 3 weeks away…

  3. oh dear, i called her carrie muskrat…

    it’s been fixed.

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