Cubs, Dodgers: Breaking down the Stats

Dave Pinto does a good job of breaking down the Cubs and Dodgers statistically on Baseball Musings.  Not too many surprises here:

Cubs come out on top offensively in pretty much every category.  They were tops in the league in runs/game, OBA (Dusty who?), slugging and batting. 

On the pitching side of things, it’s a little more competitive.  Dem Bums’ ERA of 3.68 was tops in the NL in ERA though the Cubs weren’t too far behind with a 3.87 ERA which was good for 3rd in the league.  Though the Cubs best the Dodgers (and the rest of the league) in K/9 IP, they don’t do as well in BB/9 IP in comparison. 

The Cubs won the season series record but Pinto points out that the games and stats were close.  Runs, homeruns and walks, were all pretty statistically even. 

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