Cubs find Bucs very obliging

See?! See?!  What did I tell you?  The Pirates came to town and all is better now. The Cubs who seemed like they were repressed beyond belief, exploded all over the Pirates. 

The 17-2 win was full of highlights but Derrek Lee was the big story.  For the second time this season, he drove in seven runs.  This time he only needed two hits to do it, though. 

The Cubs made sure the game was never in doubt, scoring 14 in the first two innings.  The last time that happened was in 1906.  Hmm, 1906… something happened in 1906.  Something good.  Can’t quite place my finger on it but when I think of it, you’ll be the first to know.

Tomorrow should be interesting with Tom Gorzelanny going against his former ‘mates for the first time.  He and Cubs will be taking on Zach Duke, perhaps a more formidable pitcher than Friday’s starter Charlie Morton.

The question now is Did the Cubs shoot their proverbial wad today?  I’ve seen it happen in the past.  Score in double digits in game one of a series then the bats go flat. 

But hey, these are Pirates, right? 

Go Cubs!

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