Cubs’ Fukudome finding leadoff spot quite comfortable

Cubs’ beat writer Carrie Muskat tells us what most Cub fans having been thinking for years now…

…put Kosuke Fukudome or more precisely, anyone other than Alfonso Soriano, in the leadoff spot.   In this case, Fuk has fit the bill quite nicely.  In the 11 games he’s led off he’s done what leadoff hitters are supposed to do. 

Fuk is hitting .317 (13 for 48) in the top spot.  More importantly, he’s taking the walk up there, too (6 walks).  Yes, it’s a relatively small sample size but it’s a good trend and a sign that the Cubs management is open to change in the matter. 

Now, finding a spot where Soriano can excel is key.  Soriano is the kind of player who likes consistency… he wants to know he’s penciled in a particular spot every day.  Perhaps that’s why he was so wedded to the leadoff role. 

One more thought on Soriano and regarding Monday’s game.  Give me an 0 for 4 performance and flawless fielding over his 3 hits and his atrocious play in left.  The look on Piniella’s face after Soriano butchered that ball… I see that look on my wife’s face sometimes. 

I hope that Soriano felt the wrath from Lou later.

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