Cubs games are blowing in the wind


Aside from playing havoc with people’s lives down south, Hurricane Ike is playing havoc with the MLB schedule.  There were six rainouts on Friday.

That includes the Cubs-Astros series in Houston.  Some Cubs players are wanting to play at a neutral site but Astros manager Cecil Cooper is pretty adamant about playing at home.

"Minute Maid is where we should play them," he said.

I had heard rumors about playing them Cubs-Astros series at Turner Field in Atlanta but that’s exactly what they were.  Rumors. 

9/13 Update:  Looks like the games will indeed be played.  Not at Turner Field but at Wrigley North aka Miller Park in Milwaukee.  Boy, if I were Cecil Cooper, I wouldn’t be happy. 

Neither if I were the Milwaukee Brewers.  A division rival using the home park where the fans can pack in to root their team to victory only to hurt the Brewers’ cause. 

But I’m a Cubs fan so yeah, good idea.

First game is Sunday at 7:05pm.

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