Cubs getting into the groove


If there is one thing that epitomizes today’s society need for instant gratification, it’s the fandom of Major League Baseball.  Two games into the season, I saw evidence, real or not, of fans ready to give up after the Cubs’ 0-2 start.  My favorite I saw on a baseball forum was the subject line, “0-2?? I’m packing it in!”. 

Good grief, fans, let’s give the Cubs (and for that matter any 0-2 team) a chance.  Five games later, they have a winning record thanks in part to 3 game winning streak sparked by a five-run 7th back on Saturday when the Cubs came back to win 9-7. 

Two things we as Cub fans can be happy for:

1)  With luck (and no injuries), Derrick Lee seems to back in 2005 form.  With 3 homers already (and let’s not forget, 4 doubles), he’s gotten off to a fantastic start. 

2)  Kosuke Fukodome has shown he can hit, steal and even jack the the ball in the regular season.  In one week, he’s already equaled his power numbers from all of preseason.  

A couple facts that are interesting… so far, the 9th slot in the lineup (.240) for the Cubs is out-hitting four other slots.  Unfortunately, three of the those slots are the 1st, 2nd and 4th. 

Also, the Cubs are 11 for 28 (.393) on first-strike pitches. 

Tuesday’s win was ugly one there’s no doubt about that.  Only the Pirates could have lost a game like that (sorry, Todd).  But you get a few gifts like that during the season and you accept them and say thank you. 

Today is an off day before the Cubs take it back up with Zach Duke and the Pirates tomorrow. 

So be patient, Cub fans.  An 0-2 start a season does not make.

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