Cubs losing steam against Dodgers

On Wednesday, Jill Howe, an Elgin High School student was asked to take her FUKUDOME jersey off and replace it with her gym shirt.  Apparently, school officials had not heard of Kosuke Fukudome and thought it was an obscene word. 

After Fukudome’s oh for eight performance in the first two games of the playoffs (including 5 LOB), a lot of Cub fans who know very well who Kosuke is may be taking his jersey off.

Last night, before heading out with my buddy Larry to catch the Cubs-Dodgers game, I watched the first inning at home.  When Big Z got the Dodgers one-two-three, I told my wife "this will be his game.  I know it."  I probably should have waited for the second inning before making my proclamation. 

Not that Zambrano can be held totally responsible for the collapse that happened in the second inning.  The fielding miscues didn’t help and only served to unravel Zambrano.  

Lack of patience at the plate has been the reason for the Cubs’ woes.  The Dodgers have been able to work the count and our guys haven’t.  And when the Cubs have hit the ball.  They’ve hit it hard.  Only right to Dodger fielders. 

A day of rest and Rich Harden brings his best on Saturday against LA’s Hiroki Kuroda. 

As for Jill Howe, common sense and decency prevailed.  The High School principal intervened and declared that as long as Fukudome was a legit name, she could wear her jersey…

…if she really wants to now.

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