DeRosa, Soriano favor us with corresponding run scoring streaks (twice)


Mark DeRosa and Alfonso Soriano had corresponding run-scoring streaks last week, both starting on the same day.  On games,between August 21 and August 26, both scored at least one run in each game.  DeRosa went on to extend his streak one more game. 

Both Soriano and DeRosa have had longer streaks earlier in the season.  Soriano had a 7-game streak in May.  DeRosa, however, has the longest run-scoring game streak on the team when he went 10 games crossing the plate pretty much at the same time. 

Here are the top five run scoring streaks by Cubs in 2008:

                   StreakStart  Streak End Games    
 Mark DeRosa        2008-05-09  2008-05-19    10 
 Derrek Lee         2008-05-18  2008-05-26     8 
 Mark DeRosa        2008-08-21  2008-08-27     7                                          
 Alfonso Soriano    2008-05-10  2008-05-17     7 
 Alfonso Soriano    2008-08-21  2008-08-26     6                                          
Success breeds success, I guess.  
(thanks B-R Play Index!)

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