Does Hendry Know?

From the AP article Wood done for year, will return as reliever, there are two important lines:

He (Wood) hopes to come back next season as a reliever.


Wood hasn’t been able to discuss his future with Cubs general manager Jim Hendry yet. “I haven’t. A lot of stuff going on his end and stuff on my end, we haven’t talked about that, but I think I would rather stay here, but I think it something we need to talk about when the time is right,” said Wood.

Ok, what I am missing here? Since when does a pitcher, especially one in Wood’s precarious situation, go to the media about his plans for the future…

…without even talking about it with his GM or manager?

I smell an overeager sports reporter here. The headline is especially misleading. Wood is coming back as a reliever? But SHHH! Don’t tell Hendry.

And while were on the topic, I’ve been on the bandwagon to make Wood a reliever for a while now. I hate to say it but with all his injuries, it may just be too late. I would love to see Kerry come back and be an effective pitcher but if he does so, he will have to really earn his spot on the roster.

3 Responses to “Does Hendry Know?”

  1. I think The Boss is going to throw a couple of nickels at Kerry Wood, and “Kid K” will be a Yankee next year.

  2. DonS: like the big kid he is, what Steinbrenner wants the most is whatever someone else has. I don’t see a bidding war starting for Kerry Woods. I think he’s made about $30mm over the last three years-think anyone’s going to come close to that?

    Zealot, the media/fans up here have been beating the drum to make Wood a reliver for a long time. I’d say the comment he made may have been a response to a reporter’s question. Besides, what else do the Cub reporters have to talk about now that Dusty isn’t getting fired? Add in the option/buyout decison coming up, and I don’t doubt that Hendry hasn’t scheduled in a meeting just yet.

  3. PS: I know there isn’t a “At-bat of the day” feature, but if there was I’d offer this rarity for consideration: Jim Thome had an infield single today.

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