Enjoying our sweet time & Trades

This morning, in the season of bad, was a good time to be a Cubs fan. Tonight, however, reality is setting back in.

Not only have they swept the Cardinals four games (the first time since the ’70s), they have not allowed a Cards win at home all year. They have won six of their last seven.

All this on the heels of the induction of former Cub (albeit former Cardinal, as well) Bruce Sutter into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But as mentioned, good things do come to an end. Not that we Cub fans expected this to keep going but the second-place Diamondbacks are currently walloping the good guys 15-4. Mark Prior lasted 5 innings and well, let’s just say he’s pitching about the same. Chalk up another L.

Trade Winds:

Greg Maddux is leaving the Cubs for the second time. The fact that he got traded isn’t a huge surprise to anyone paying attention. Which I guess makes it a little easier to swallow.

In return, the Cubs got Cesar Izturis from the Dodgers. My take on Iz is that he is a sometimes slick fielding infielder with a soft stick. His career .295 OBP doesn’t impress me. For 2006, he is .252/.353/.302. This is 6th year in the majors so my feeling is that he’s had plenty of time to mature as a hitter.

More than likely, Izturis will play short and Ronny Cedeno will move to second. Which would put Neifi Perez on the bench.

So maybe it’s addition by subtraction.

Nonetheless, I wonder if we could have possibly could have gotten just a bit more. I really don’t think this moves the organization forward.

Todd Walker was also dealt the the Padres for minor league pitcher Jose Ceda. Walker had been rumored to be traded as well.

I honestly don’t much about Ceda. This is the only report of substance I could find on him.

Walker got a lot of crap as a Cub but he had his good points. He had a decent OBP and some pop (for a 2B). And from what I heard, he liked Chicago and Chicago fans.

3 Responses to “Enjoying our sweet time & Trades”

  1. Cesar Izturis. He has one Gold Glove and has been on one All-Star team. I would compare his total game to Royce Clayton’s. Most pitchers would like to pitch in front of Royce: He makes every defense better.

    If healthy, I think that’s his likely career. And there is worse out there. Playing regularly. Seems like a pretty good trade for the Cubs.

    Per Baseball Reference, Izturis’ most similar player at age 25 – that’s now – is Luis Aparicio. And, Yes, I’m as shocked as you are.

    The Cubs took advantage of the Dodgers over-paying of Rafael Furcal to pick up a decent shortstop. At least you KNOW he can field.

  2. Surely the Cubs could have gotten more in return for both Maddux and Walker, especially Maddux. Plus they had to throw in cash on those deals? I don’t think Hendry did a good job at all here.

  3. Luis Aparacio?? we’ve had this discussion before haven’t we, DS?

    Aparacio- lifetime .311 OBP.

    Dusty should love Izturis.

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