Fuld is a numbers guy

Interesting piece on ESPN Chicago about Cubs OF Sam Fuld.  Not only is he a decent outfielder but he is a stathead too

"He was only 5 or 6 and he was already computing batting averages and ERAs," (father) Ken said. "He’d sit in the bathtub, and I’d say ‘If a guy goes 17-for-37, what’s his batting average?’ What struck me is that he’d perform these operations in very creative ways — not just that he got the right answer, but his methodology, adding in a factor and then dividing by 10, etc. I’d watch him and say ‘wow,’ just like I said ‘wow’ when he used to hit."

The love for stats apparently continued as he grew up.  Fuld, an economics major at Stanford, even interned at Stats Inc. 

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