Furcal- Eggs in a Basket

Furcal will not be a Cub it seems.  He has been picked up by the Dodgers in a three year, $39.5 million deal.

Now all this time, I haven’t seen Furcal as the savior of the Cubs.  Yes, I’ve seen his stats.  They’re very good and fit the Cubs’ lineup well.  I’ve just never been a Furcal fan and I’m not heartbroken that he’s not going to be a Cub.

On a side note, some posters on other forums have said that Rafael was just going for the money.  To me that’s kind of a naive statement.  Most MLB players are going to the highest bidder.  Let’s not hold that against him.

Now for the more important matter at hand, have the Cubs put all their eggs in one basket or do they have an alternate plan.  Is there a plan to grab Johnny Damon?  I personally like the guy but I know his hair scares others.

What about Juan Pierre?  He’s still available.  Rumor has it he is talking with the Cubs and the Yankees.  Milton Bradley is another option.

And Nomar.  He could be re-invited to stay.  Or would that be a little uncomfortable?

Followup:  Somebody else I forgot… Julio Lugo.  He’s coming off a career year but that may be a case of the free agent factor.  Nevertheless, not someone to overlook.

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