It’s in the Cards

The Cards have wrapped it up.  I don’t need to read it on the news to know that.  It’s pretty evident here in east central Illinois where 49% of the baseball fans are Cardinal wonks and are wearing their red and white (yes, 49% are Cub fans, the other 2% might be Sox fans).

That’s hard to explain to my Chicago baseball friends.  Downstate fans of baseball root for the Cubs or the Cardinals.  Period.  It wasn’t until 10-15 years ago did local news stations start listing Sox scores.  I think they only do it for the U of I students from Chicago.

Anyways, congrats to the Cardinals.  As a representive of the NL Central and of my geographic region, they will be the team I will be rooting for in the playoffs. 

Which confuses some of my friends who are Cub fans from Chicago to no end.


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