No-hitter? Let’s not be hasty here.

“You’d rather win than pitch good and lose,”

Greg Maddux said that just last night after his less than perfect win against the Mets.

Those words never rang truer this afternoon for Mark Prior and the Cubs. Many pundits out there are unforgiving of Baker for his quick yank of Prior with his “no-hitter” through 5 innings. I for one am a little more concerned about the lack of offensive support.

Given Prior’s health situation and the Cubs’ position in the standings, there could have been worse decisions. Let’s face it, at 103 pitches in the 6th inning, there was no way Prior was going to finish that game. Not without lasting damage.

Prior did his job. And let’s face it, the bullpen didn’t do half-bad. But the offense, not to mention Ronny Cedeno, dropped the ball.

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