2007 Official Cubs Convention Attendee List Released

The official list of attendees was announced on Sunday for the Chicago Cubs convention being held this weekend. Who will be there? Anyone and everyone who is or was a Cub.

Except that one guy. He’s busy trying to get a job with the Rangers.

Which is too bad. I would have liked to see him there.

Interesting workshops being held, too:

Among the events on the schedule are seminars on Saturday and Sunday, including “Piniella 101,”

Do we all get our own base to practice with?

Too obscure??

Four Hall of Famers, Sandberg, Banks, Jenkins and Williams will be there plus Santo who should be in the HOF. I notice Bill Madlock and Andy Pafko are buried in the list. That’s exciting in my opinion.

Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis will get their first exposure to the Cub Nation. Good Luck.

Anyway, my train leaves Friday morning.

2 Responses to “2007 Official Cubs Convention Attendee List Released”

  1. Not too obscure, was Billy Martin the first tosser or Pinella?

    Cubs Convention unofficially started today (Thursday) as the Cubs spent some time at local community centers to sign autographs; also their catcher was at Gino’s East tonight for autographs.

  2. Yeah, i heard about Barrett being at Geno’s East.

    They recently signed him on to advertise for them.

    Punch out a smart-a** Sox catcher and you really become in demand. ;-)

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